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All Dynamite Foothills Area Listings

Most of the Dynamite Foothills area was once a part of the DC Ranch properties and was divided into forty acre parcels in the early 1970's. There are a number of scattered remnants from the decades of ranching that occurred in the area. A substantial portion of the area is still owned by the State Lands Trust. Most of the area was severely burned in the "Rio" fire of 1976.

The area has a rolling, boulder strewn topography that has small scattered mountains, ridges, knobs, and boulder piles. The numerous washes are typically small and deeply incised except as they coalesce and exit the area to the east. The drainage is divided between the Verde River and Indian Bend Wash basins which runs near the western edge of the area. The few buildings in the area have either a "western ranch" or "Pueblo" character.

The area is on the edge of developed areas within the city and abuts three, major open space preserves. It also provides the primary access and connection to roughly twenty square miles of unincorporated private lands with scattered housing and ranches. As such, it is in a position to provide a transition and edge between a variety of open and rural settings. Although this area is not visible from most of the city, it does provide a major access way to the regional open spaces

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