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North Scottsdale Communities

North Scottsdale is unique in the Phoenix metro area, given its higher elevation and lusher landscape.

As the Valley slopes upward into Scottsdale's foothills, with the McDowell Mountains to the East, the elevation climbs about 1,000 to 2,000 feet above central Phoenix, yielding panoramic views of the Valley of the Sun, various mountain ranges, and the High Sonoran Desert landscape. It's always cooler at these higher elevations.

The higher elevation also brings more rainfall, which supports a greater variety of plant and animal life. Coyotes and bobcats chase jackrabbits among north Scottsdale's forests of saguaro, agave, palo verde trees, and cholla cactus. The hillsides are full of colorful wildflowers in bloom in wetter years. The geography of North Scottsdale contributes to the diversity of flora and fauna.

The McDowell Sonoran Conservancy found 379 different plant species in the North Scottsdale desert including palo verdes, cactuses, grasslands and even juniper trees, left over from a time when the climate was cooler. There are also 25 different mammals in the area, including mule deer, mountain lions, bobcats, tortoises and javelina.

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