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Pinnacle Peak Character Area —

The Pinnacle Peak area has some of the best "valley" views and is highly influenced by the presence of the McDowell Mountains and other mountains such as Pinnacle Peak and Troon Mountain. The area is dominated by low density, custom single family homes located in small to medium sized subdivisions.

Roughly two-thirds of these subdivisions have public streets and no perimeter walls, while the remaining one-third are gated and have perimeter walls. The most dominant landmark within the area is the cluster of businesses at the intersection of Pinnacle Peak and Pima Roads.

Around half of the non-residential uses and most of the single family homes have a "Mediterranean/Mission" design character, while most other single family homes tend to be "Santa Fe/Pueblo" in style. Those neighborhoods that existed before the area was annexed into the city tend to have Eucalyptus, Pine and Olive trees, while later neighborhoods typically have native and desert landscaping.

Pinnacle Peak Character Area

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There are 4 Pinnacle Peak area real estate maps between Scottsdale Road and Pima Roads

Plus another Pinnacle Peak area map East of Pima Roads, North of DC Ranch and South of the Reata Pass / Troon Area map.

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